LEAP Motion Talks About Future Of Cars

LEAP Motion, the finger-tracking hardware and software combination that allows users to interact with computers and electronics with gestures, has released details about the second iteration of its hardware. CEO Michael Buckwald has intimated that LEAP would work excellently with 3D Gesture controllers and the VR world, but his biggest aspiration is to help LEAP break into the automotive sphere. Version 2 of the LEAP software would do just that: it would track fingers that the LEAP hardware can’t necessarily see by tracking hand positions, and thus placing the “invisible” fingers in three dimensional space. So for a car, users could interact with heads up displays with the flick of a finger, or children could play with back-seat entertainment systems without necessarily moving from the seat. Even if it won’t find its way into cars immediately, this simple improvement within the software is enough to allow developers to come up with many more practical applications for what was, until this point, more of a proof-of-concept.