SmartThings & The Connected Home

Smart devices are powerful on their own but it is their ability to talk to each other that will spur innovation and ultimately mass adoption.  Take home security for instance. A single smart lock that can be controlled via your phone if terrific, but the real utility comes when that lock also talks to your other devices like your car to lock when you leave the driveway.  Or Fitbit integration with your coffee maker to automatically brew coffee according to the amount of sleep you received the moment you wake up. This is the type of anticipatory computing that makes technology invisible as it responds to your natural behavior rather than having to be programmed. It’s about connected ecosystems, not devices.

We’re already seeing many of these interactions as we move from the internet of things to the internet of everything. Indeed, as CNNMoney notes, home automation systems already exist and have for decades and leading the charge is SmartThings. Smartthings aims to actualize this vision by creating a user-controlled, Smartphone-compatible system of sensors placed throughout the home. The Smartphone notifies the homeowner when programmed tasks are completed. But it’s also Smartthing’s affordable price tag that takes the next step towards connected homes for all.

Don’t worry marketers, you too will get in on the action. The internet of everything is creating a world where every device is a media channel from a refrigerator to a carpet. The opportunity for brands to provide personalized messaging will be unprecedented as they can leverage the extensive data these devices produce. Imagine your smart fridge telling you that your low on Miller and then sending driving instructions to the nearest store. Or perhaps a health food company offers you rewards based on how many steps you walked. Media will all be tailored and accessed at a glance.