Skype Teams Up With Xbox For An Innovative Real-Time Campaign

Microsoft wants people to know that Skype and Xbox work great together, and what better way to promote this message than using Skype on Xbox to conduct a real-time comedy/gaming battle with interactive reality show features? In partnership with CollegeHumor, Skype’s new campaign “Level 48” will run for two days and feature five games and 48 levels of play, presumably one for each hour.

Designed to showcase many new features of Skype, this joint effort will be live-streamed through Twitch to encourage heavy audience involvement. By combining entertainment, gaming, and comedy all into one big spectacle, this innovative campaign aims to make using Skype on Xbox look so natural and fun that it elevates the brand value for all three parties involved. If proven successful, this campaign could open up a new path for branded content or even native ads to be incorporated onto gaming platforms.