What You Need To Know About The New Apple Watch

One smartwatch to rule them all? Thanks to its innovative “digital crown” UI, biometric data capturing abilities, embedded NFC chip, and integration with other Apple devices, the Apple Watch could just be the one product to bring wearable tech into mainstream.

Product Specs 

Apple geared up for the Apple Watch launch by hiring several fashion executives, and it shows. As sleek and chic as any other Apple product, all three collections of the Apple Watch—Watch, Sport, and Edition—feature a beautiful “flexible” screen protected by sapphire glass. By using designer fashion for elevated product design, Apple clearly intends to capture the high-end of the nascent wearable market.

From a technical perspective, battery life is still a challenge, but the Apple Watch does offer a cool inductive charging feature. Starbucks started installing Powermat’s wireless charging stations at its coffee stores earlier this year, and we suspect this is hardly a coincidence.

Key Benefits

  • Health and Fitness: With its advanced sensors and wearable attachment, the Apple Watch is the focal device for health monitoring and data acquisition. Combined with new Fitness App and Workout apps, the Watch is truly a comprehensive health and fitness device.
  • Extension of the iPhone: With wireless phone call, iMessages and the support of a myriad of Apps, the Apple Watch works well as an extension of Apple’s handsets.
  • Seamless integration: Handoff, a new iOS feature that allows users to push content between their iPhones, ensures data sync-up across devices.
  • Supports Apple Pay: Thanks to its embedded NFC chip, the Watch will support Apple Pay, making it even easier to use Apple’s mobile payment system.