Meet HP’s New Innovative PC Sprout And “Dumb” Smartwatch

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Last week, HP unveiled Sprout, its newest PC offering. It features “HP Illuminator,” a downward-facing camera/scanner/projector combo that allows a user to easily digitalize physical objects and manipulate digital projections on an accompanying touch mat, placed where a keyboard would normally be. Innovatively blending virtual and physical reality, Sprout is set to ship on November 9.

In related news, HP has also launched a new smart-watch that leans heavier on luxury design than smart features. The MB Chronowing, led by fashion designer Michael Bastian, looks fantastic but doesn’t have a touchscreen. Instead, it relies on a black and white LCD for simple email and text notifications, and three chunky side buttons for navigation. HP has partnered with online fashion retailer Gilt to exclusively launch this watch on Nov. 7.