Event Recap: November 2014 NY Tech Meetup

The November NY Tech Meetup featured easy college apps, interactive fiction, and of course, programming dorks. We love NY Tech Meetup not just for its technology-focused demos — though the noticeable absence of VC stress is constantly refreshing — but also for its diverse set of voices and presenters. Co-hosted by tech luminary Anil Dash, this month’s meetup hosted a slew of interesting product and technology demos:

Parcel is taking New York by storm, since it simplifies a common problem: many delivery services require signatures at the door, but the recipient is often at work, so there’s no good way to get a package. For $5, you can ship your package to Parcel’s warehouse, where they text you for an after-hours delivery window, and hand-deliver the package.

Waywire curates channels via passionate luminaries through its consumer and enterprise platforms. It remains to be seen if curation can hold its own against automated recommendation engines, but for now, Waywire has a few big names alongside it — TED, Vulture, and TimeOut have all used the service to create video channels.

Other products of note included:

  • Simple Machine’s new game The Outcast presented an interesting solution to interactive fiction — Google Docs.
  • Admitted.ly simplified the daunting college admission process via a social network.
  • Squarespace ran a victory lap for its successful publishing platform.
  • Offerpop explored engagement marketing via an interesting combination of hashtags, rewards, and mailing lists.

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