CES 2015: Samsung Unveils Its Holistic Plan For Smart TVs

Samsung just wrapped up its press event at CES and it reveal its holistic approach towards the Smart UHD TVs. Here are the three highlights of their plan.

Milk VR – The South Korean tech giant repurposed its not-so-known music streaming service Milk and expanded it into an online distribution service virtual reality videos. First of its kind, this service signals Samsung’s vast ambition when it comes virtual reality. Additionally, it will also distribute video and audio content for its new smart TVs.

SUHD TV – Samsung claims that its stunning new SUHD TV line-up can produce up to 64 times more color than conventional TVs, despite the range still being 4K. They’ve also set up the UHD alliance with major Hollywood studios, consumer electronics brands and companies alike to help set the standards for Ultra High Definition (UHD) content and devices.

Tizen OS – To bring the service (Milk VR) with the hardware (SUHD TVs) together, Samsung’s long awaited Tizen OS, designated for its smart TVs, was confirmed to come with the new TV line-up. Moreover, the company also mentioned Tizen’s integration with PlayStation Now, allowing users to stream PlayStation games without a console.