CES 2015: Apple’s HomeKit Holds The Key To Smart Home

Apple may have grown too big to grace an industry trade show like CES, but its presence is still felt this year as many smart home devices supporting their HomeKit smart home platform. Here are the top three highlights:

Switch by iDevices

Switch from iOS accessory maker iDevices debuts at CES 2015 as the world’s first HomeKit-certified products. It is a smart power switch makes it easy to control the connected home appliance using your voice, no hub required. It does, however, need the companion iDevices Connected app to personalize the device with Siri voice commands.

iHome SmartPlug

Simiarly, iHome’s first Apple HomeKit product, SmartPlug, will enable iOS users to control any connected device using Siri. A companion app called iHome Control tied into HomeKit will let you turn devices on and off just by speaking into your iPhone or iPad.

Elgato Eve

Eve is a complete line of products and sensors from IoT maker Elgato that will enable users to monitor your home and provide control with a Siri voice command. Two products, a HomeKit-enabled switch named Eve Energy and the Eve Door & Window Sensors are slated for release in following months.

Update 2015/01/08: two more devices added.

GridConnect ConnectSense Smart Outlet

This GridConnect ConnectSense links to iOS devices via HomeKit, features its own rule-based software, and speaks the ZigBee Wi-Fi wireless protocol.

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage

Another piece of hardware on the Apple HomeKit nice list is the MyQ Smart Garage. It lets you open and close your garage door from anywhere with an Internet connection, set custom alerts and remotely monitor whether your garage door is open.