CES 2015: The Lab’s Top 11 Picks

Our first day of scouting in Las Vegas is coming to a close, and we’ve already been exposed to hundreds of intriguing products and services. So far, the ones we’re most excited about include, in no particular order:

  1. The Tegra X1: NVIDIA is unveiling the Tegra X1, a powerful chip that will drive your car. The Tegra has 256 cores and is the size of a thumbnail, but uses less than 10 watts of power. It’s capable of driving multiple in-car screens and navigation while analyzing data from 12 out-facing cameras to power self-driving.
  2. “Jack“: Audi’s self-piloted A7 drove itself to CES from Silicon Valley. It’s just one example of how car manufacturers are advancing mobile integration and self-driving technologies.
  3. AirDog: This drone auto-follows its user to capture video of the user in action—perfect for extreme sports.
  4. Sling TV: The general public will finally have access to Dish Network’s new offering in Q1 2015, which will allow them to stream content from cable companies including ESPN, as well as on-demand original content from Maker Studios.
  5. Gogoro: This electric scooter has an interesting business model: rather than recharging batteries, its users will swap old batteries for fresh ones at distribution points throughout cities.
  6. SmartThings: Samsung’s recently acquired IoT platform will be the open hub for developers, and they’re betting big,  investing $100MM in the dev community. In five years, the company claims every one of its products will be an IoT product.
  7. Zano: An autonomous, intelligent, swarming, developable, sophisticated, nano, HD selfie drone. What’s not to like? In addition to magnetometers, accelerometers, gyroscopes, the device boasts IR obstacle avoidance, echo-sounding sonar, and a high-resolution air pressure sensor for altitude control.
  8. Oculus: Oculus will be offering the first public demos of its Crescent Bay prototype, which offers improvements in wearability (weight, comfort), resolution, and tracking. It features 1440p resolution (much improved from DK2) and is believed to function at the ideal 90Hz refresh rate for VR.
  9. The E-Motion Band: Bitbrick’s E-Motion Band isn’t an ordinary health tracker. It goes beyond data measurement to control personal devices like phones, tablets, and smart TVs. There’s a social function, too—you can post your emotions via the band’s gesture functionality.
  10. Structure: Occipital’s new user-friendly, developer-friendly Structure sensor captures 3D models instantly. Connected to a mobile device, it could drastically increase content for VR and 3D printing.
  11. Welcome: Netatmo’s connected camera can identify who comes in and out of your home just by looking at them. Welcome uses a combination of facial recognition technology and machine learning to understand who is welcome — and who isn’t.

We’re sure to find new favorites as we explore the floors over the next few days, so check back soon for more updates!