How Beacons Can Help Link In-Store Behaviors To Online Ads

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Norway-based startup media platform Unacast and California-based marketing agency Total Communicator Solutions (TCS) have announced a global partnership that will allow brands to “re-target” online and mobile ads to shoppers by tracking what they’ve looked at while in-store. According to Erik Bjontegard, president and founder of TCS:

By combining the location-based marketing application with Unacast’s online/offline profiles, our clients will be able to connect to their customers in the store and then retarget the same customer online, with a more relevant and targeted ad, based on the customer’s recent offline behavior.

Ultimately, Unacast wants more beacon companies to join in order to create a global network to anonymously group and standardize beacon data for better retargeting. But the companies should be careful as to differentiate their retargeted offers—after all, just picking up an item in a store doesn’t necessarily demonstrate purchase intent.