Event Recap: SXSW Accelerator, Part 3

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German startups had quite the presence across the pitch sessions the Lab attended on Sunday. Some of the most notable ones included:

  • NavVis: An app that enables indoor 3D turn-by-turn navigation thanks to indoor maps created by a Segway-type trolley. The trolley is equipped with scanners and cameras to scan and record building dimensions.
  • Tinnitracks: Developers of a music therapy treatment that helps lower hyperactivity of abnormal nerve cells for people with tinnitus. The subscription-based platform lets users upload and listen to their favorite music to provide relief. Tinnitracks’ secret sauce is being able to reformat the frequency of uploaded music.
  • Trip Rebel: A site aiming to be the go-to destination to find the best deals for hotel rooms. The process is quite simple and automatic: a user goes on the site and books a hotel reservation, and Trip Rebel keeps track of the reservation for price reductions until check-in day. If the price drops, Trip Rebel automatically re-books the same room at the new rate and refunds the difference to the user’s credit card.
  • Minubo: A dashboard that integrates fragmented data to give retailers a holistic view of their omni-channel strategy, enabling retailers to better allocate marketing budgets, identify unprofitable channels, and understand the customer’s lifetime values across all channels.

A few other startups from other countries are also of note:

  • Biobots.io: A cost-effective 3D bioprinter that research scientists can use for regenerative medicine procedures such as tissue or even organ replacement.
  • MobileODT: A mobile colposcope powered by an Android smartphone to detect cervical cancer. The mobile attachment is one-tenth the price and size of traditional colposcope devices.