By The Numbers: U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015

A new survey from Pew Research Center revealed some interesting insights into mobile user behaviors of US consumers.

PI_2015-04-01_smartphones_01 - 1

Nearly one in five American adults now use mobile as primary source of Internet access, a group that, as the survey reveals, tend to skew younger, non-white, and lower income. Overall, 64% of US adults own a smartphone, but its usage varies by generation.

PI_2015-04-01_smartphones_03 - 2

More than half of the US adults have used a smartphone to get heath information and handle online banking. This signals the great potential that mobile has to disrupt the healthcare and payment industries.

PI_2015-04-01_smartphones_05 - 3

Texting, Internet browsing, and emailing rank among top features for mobile users across all age groups. Younger generations, however, show a clear inclination towards video and audio consumptions on smartphones.

PI_2015-04-01_smartphones_28 - 4

Furthermore, the survey also uncovered some insights into smartphone owners’ emotional connection to their devices. As we pointed out in our Outlook 2015, mobile is ushering in a new era of intimate computing that brings the consumers both the Internet of Thrills (happy and grateful) and Peak Distraction (distracted and frustrated).

All charts from the Pew Research Center