A Look Into Apple Watch’s 1 Million US Preorders

Even though Tim Cook won’t comment on the Apple Watch’s official launch other than “great”, new details of the initial market reception towards Apple’s first smartwatch have emerged via shopping data firm Slice Intelligence.

According to the data reported, over 1 million units of Apple Watch were preordered on the first day of its launch, two-thirds of which are for the Sport line, making it the most popular model so far. This is not that surprising, considering the Sport line comes with the lowest prices, making it the perfect try-on choice for early adopters. Moreover, the early adopters seem to skew male, as over 71% of pre-orders were for the larger, 42mm size.

Official sales for Apple Watch will begin next Friday, April 24 ,in nine countries. It will be interesting to see if the global markets, especially China, respond as well as the domestic market so far.