Shazam For More Than Just Music

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We first heard of Shazam’s ambitious plan to go beyond simply music recognition back in January at CES. Now, the company has officially launched a new “Visual Shazam”, as it continues to expand its platform for contextual content discovery. The new feature that will allow users to use Shazam app to scan physical products, QR codes or print ads for more interactive experiences on mobile devices. The mobile interactions reportedly include augmented reality visuals, exclusive behind-the-scene videos, good ol’ coupons and more.

Similar to the visual scanning tools like Google Goggles or Amazon Firefly before it, this new Visual Shazam could offer great opportunities for brand integration. At launch, Shazam is already teaming up with several big-name partners from various industries, including Levi’s, Guerlain, Hearst, Condé Nast, Time, Harper Collins and Disney in promotion of its new blockbuster, “Tomorrowland”.

Compared to regular QR codes, “Visual Shazam” stands out with a vast built-in user base (Shazam claims to have over 100 million monthly mobile active users), its versatility in applications, and general user-friendliness. As the interactive mobile experience continues to grow in prominence, we expect to see more brands to give it a try.