Twitter Promises Full Viewability With Auto-Play Video Ads

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Twitter has been testing its auto-playing video ads for a couple of months now, and this week it has finally started rolling out this new ad unit on users’ feeds. Pioneered by Facebook and YouTube, auto-playing video has become a standard ad format on social media, which gains the support of brands and advertisers alike for its supposedly stronger impact.

Moreover, the social media is taking a stand against viewability, an issue hindering the growth of digital video ads, as it is promising only to charge on video ads that have been seen 100 percent in full view of the user for more than 3 seconds. Considering that a study claims that nearly 25% of video ad views are fraudulent, this bold promise, combined with its pay-per-view pricing structure, would undoubtedly appeal to the advertisers, and hopefully, help Twitter to catch up with other social platforms in terms of monetization.