Snapchat Debuts “Tap To View” And “Add Nearby”

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Back in May, Snapchat CEO hinted at retiring “pressing down to view”, a staple feature for the popular messaging app besides overlaying texts and disappearing photos. Now with the updated app rolling out this week for iOS and Android, Snapchat user no longer need to hold a finger down to view snaps and Stories. Instead, a simple tap will now start video playback.

Moreover, the new update also brings a new “Add Nearby” feature that will let users to add fellow Snapchatters in near proximity as friends. While not entirely original, as other messaging apps such as WeChat have had similar features for a while, this is still a very savvy move for Snapchat to grow its user base. With more and more brands starting to make good use of the location-sensitive features on Snapchat, it makes perfect sense for Snapchat to do the same.