Twitter Launches Persona-Based Targeting Tools

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Twitter has been undergoing a “reinvention” phase, and today it launched a new ad tool that will make it easier for brands to target specific groups of consumers based on not only traditional demographic info like age and gender, but also includes some newer, “people-based” metrics. Among the “personas” outlined by Twitter, groups such as college grads, parents, and business decision-makers stand out with their specificity and potential for targeting.

Previously, marketers could piece together similar targeting parameters on Twitter, but the social microblogging service is clearly looking to simplify the process, leveraging its ongoing partnerships with data companies Acxiom and Datalogix to enable such targeting options. Obviously, Twitter knows a lot more about their users than mere demographics – the people one follows indicates individual interests, for example. Privacy issues aside, we we expect twitter to build out this feature to fit their strengths in the future.

With vast amount of data available, digital technology has opened a lot of new ways of targeting and attribution. And it is crucial that brands can choose the right channel and tools to ensure their messages get through to the right audience. To learn more about using behavioral data to target consumer groups, click here to our newest POV on targeting tribes through tech.


Header image taken from Twitter Blog