What Facebook’s New “Secret Videos” Means For Brands

What Happened
Earlier today, Facebook unveiled a series of new video publisher tools as it gears up to compete with YouTube for brands’ attention and ad dollars. Besides some standard additions that focuses on video customizations and library management, Facebook also added an option for brands to upload “secret videos” to their pages, which are only viewable to people with the direct links to such videos. We expect the exclusivity of the content and its artificial scarcity to increase engagement amongst the target demographics.

What Brands Should Do
If your brand produces videos for content marketing purposes, It may be time to consider trying out Facebook as it continues to build out its video ad platform. “Secret videos,” for example, give brands a way to share branded content privately with a selective audience, or simply embed it somewhere else without having it show up on the brand pages. Coupled with the vast demographic and behavioral data that Facebook processes on its users, these new video publisher tools could make it as a more targeted and effective alternative to YouTube for brands and marketers alike.


Source: The Next Web