CVS Taps Into IBM’s Watson For Smart Health Monitoring

What Happened
CVS Health has announced a new partnership with IBM to tap into its Watson computing system to help analyze and interpret health data from patient’s health records, pharmacy information and other resources. The goal is said to be leveraging Watson’s cognitive computing power to aid CVS Health nurses and pharmacists, as well as improving healthcare management and prevention for patients with chronic diseases.

What Brands Should Do
For heathcare and pharmaceutical brands, it has become increasingly crucial to keep up with the new opportunities that technologies, especially advances in mobile devices and biometric sensors, presents. Apple recently gave the go ahead to for-profit use of its ResearchKit, which can be utilized to scale data acquisition and facilitate medical trials. For brands of all types, it’d be smart to look into the cognitive capability of Watson and other machine learning services, which can provide new solutions in analyzing and understanding customer data.


Source: TechCrunch