Why Nescafe Abandoned Their Own Site For Tumblr

What Happened
Swiss food and beverage giant Nestlé is converting its Nescafé.com into a Tumblr blog. The reasons behind this rather unorthodox move seem to be trifold. First, according to Nescafé’s marketing chief Michael Chrisment, moving all its web assets to the Tumblr platform is aimed at “building stronger relationships with younger consumers.” Second, it allows Nestlé to tap into the social sharing effect and user-generated content that Tumblr has to offer. Lastly, by switching to Tumblr’s platform, Nestlé eliminated the hefty cost of creating and maintaining the back-end of their sites.

What Brands Should Do
Of course, not all brands need to be as radical as Nestlé and start converting websites to social platforms. Nevertheless, the lesson here is that, as consumers continue to move towards mobile and social platforms and away from desktop websites, making content easily accessible and shareable is becoming increasingly important to the success of branded content. Therefore, it is time for brands, especially those seeking the attention of younger generations, to reevaluate their digital presence and reconsider their content strategies.


Source: The Verge