DraftKings Expands Fantasy Sports To eSports

What Happened
Popular fantasy sports site DraftKings is expanding its platform to cover a hot new sport – competitive video gaming, also known as esports. Starting Oct. 1, fantasy sports players and video game enthusiasts will be able to take their bets on the League of Legends 2015 World Championships. DraftKings has also partnered up with several prominent esports teams in a bid to help boost the new addition to its fantasy ranks, similar to the partnerships the company signed with NFL and MLB.

What Brands Should Do
While relatively new, both eSports and online fantasy sports have been showing tremendous growth in recent years. A recent survey by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association reports that over 56.8 million people participated in fantasy sports in 2014. Bringing eSports into the fold would certainly give it a significant boost, in terms of both capital and audience size. As more and more brands infiltrate esports events via sponsorships. Those searching for young millennial guys need to start to pay attention to this burgeoning platform.


Source: Mashable