Facebook Revamps Its Notifications Tab With Customized Information

What Happened
On Monday, Facebook announced that it has started to roll out an expanded, personalized notifications tab in the Facebook app that will surface personalized information alongside the regular notifications. The revamped tab will now include your friends’ birthdays, your upcoming events, as well as sports scores and TV reminders based on Pages you Liked. Moreover, users will also have the option to add localized information to their notifications tab, such as popular events and news based on the city they live in, movie showtimes in nearby theaters, and restaurant recommendations, if they enable the Location History feature in the app.

What Brands Need To Do
Notifications alert users of new happenings, and the notifications tab naturally receives a lot of user attention. So it makes sense for Facebook to take advantage of this prime real estate in its mobile app and turn it into a customizable feed of relevant, hyperlocal information. For brands, this new notification feed provides a brand-friendly channel to reach consumers. Sports or entertainment brands can use it to engage fans with notifications of new content, whereas local businesses can use it reach potential customers and target them with relevant value offers. For the latter, it is crucial to make sure relevant information like store locations and business hours is properly indexed by Facebook.


Source: Facebook Newsroom