Your Creative Process Can Now Be Livestreamed On Twitch

What Happened
Twitch, the biggest livestreaming platform for eSports and video gaming, announced earlier today a new content hub that aims to spotlight the growing number of artists and creatives on its platform. Twitch’s main landing page now includes a tab labeled Creative, which links to an entire homepage dedicated to Twitch Creative where painters, designers, and musicians can broadcast their work as it happens.

What Brands Need To Do
According to Twitch, its creative community now has about a thousand active creators and two million monthly viewers. This sizable new subset of the audience on Twitch offers brands a new channel where they can broadcast their behind-the-scenes creative process and turn it into content marketing to engage with their fans. Moreover, Twitch monetizes through ads for non-paying viewers, and Twitter Creative will no doubt attract a specific set of creative-learning audience that some brands, especially those in fashion or art, covet.


Source: The Verge