How Brands Can Make Use Of Tumblr’s New Messaging Feature

What Happened
Without much fanfare, Tumblr has rolled out a crucial feature that has been missing from its platform – private instant messaging. The microblogging platform has long offered an inbox feature for its users to ask and answer each other’s questions, but now it supports threaded one-on-one messaging as well. This new feature is available in Tumblr’s mobile apps on iOS and Android, as well as its desktop website.

What Brands Need To Do
Tumblr has been growing its platform as a content and social marketing channel following Yahoo’s billion-dollar acquisition in 2013, and some brands have gotten on board. Nescafé, for instance, opted to move its traditional website to Tumblr in hopes of “building stronger relationships with younger consumers” earlier this year. The existing Ask Inbox feature on Tumblr works great for repurposing those Q&As as user-generated branded content, and the addition of a messaging feature can help facilitate deeper communication between users and brands. For brands on Tumblr, this new chat tool should come in handy for customer relationship management.


Source: The Verge