Nissan Creates Branded In-Car Game To Appeal To Millennials

What Happened
Nissan is trying a novel way to engage with Millennial consumers. Taking inspiration from popular millennial games such as Truth or Dare and Cards Against Humanity, the Japanese auto maker has created a branded card game called “Altimatums” designed for passengers to play on the road, with car-friendly challenges such as “drive to the nearest convenience store” or “perform a dashboard drum solo.” As part of its marketing push for the new 2016 Altima model, Nissan has been distributing the decks to fans via social media. There is also a PDF version available for fans to print and play.

What Brands Need To Do
This new card game from Nissan points to an interesting new direction for developing branded content. Studies have shown that Millennial consumers value experiences over material goods, and this branded card game can provide passengers with a fun experience during car rides. Leveraging social channels to distribute the game is a great way to reach potential car buyers and spread the branded content. Brands interested in content marketing should take cues from this and start developing fun and engaging content products that consumers will be happy to pay attention to.


Source: Digiday