SXSW 2016: Shopgate Offers Retailers A New Way To Sell On Apple TV

What Happened
Mobile commerce platform Shopgate debuted its new tools for building tvOS apps, which allow retailers using Shopgate’s SaaS platform to create shopping apps designed for the new Apple TV. At the launch party it hosted on March 12 during SXSW Interactive, the company partnered with sports apparel retailer Gameday Merchandising for a demo that showcased a TV shopping experience with the Team Store app it created for the Golden State Warriors.

What Retailers Need To Do
The new Apple TV presents new opportunities for retailers to reach consumers with branded content and their apps. Retailers can use Shopgate to develop branded apps that leverage Apple TV’s large format interface to entice shoppers and turn online shopping into a group activity. As TV commerce evolves, retailers with video content would be smart to use the new tools available to create their own content portal apps for streaming platforms.

To read more on how retailers can reach shoppers on OTT platforms with shopping apps and branded content, please check out the Appified TV section in our Outlook 2016.


Source: Business Insider

Header image courtesy of Shopgate’s YouTube