Facebook To Add Support For TV-Quality Live-Streams

What Happened
Facebook is planning to add support for studio-quality live broadcasting to its live-streaming feature to make it more appealing to content creators and publishers. Previously, Facebook’s Live Video only allowed a single smartphone or tablet to stream content. With this change, capable content creators like TV networks would be able to plug Facebook’s live-stream into their broadcast control rooms, allowing for live content that has multiple camera angles, remote segments from correspondents, and, in general, higher production value. Facebook is reportedly going to announce this new capability during its upcoming annual F8 developers conference in April.

What Brands Need To Do
Facebook has attracted a number of publishers and media owners, including MLB, E! Network, and TMZ, to create live content on its platform since it rolled out the live-streaming feature in December. Now with this added support, content creators will be able to leverage their production prowess to create more polished live content. Brands should consider working with content creators to develop ads or sponsored live content to take advantage of the new tools.


Source: Digiday