AOL Introduces Two New Video Ad Formats To Enhance Viewability

What Happened
AOL is introducing two new video ad products to round out ONE by AOL, the ad platform it launched for publishers earlier this year. Out-stream Player is an in-article video format that only plays while at least half of the video is visible on the screen. Designed to ensure viewability, this ad formats expands while playing and pauses whenever less than 50% of the video is in view. The other new ad format SideView allows publishers to pin their videos in the sidebar and automatically resizes the video player according to browser size.

What Brands Need To Do
These two new video formats from AOL point to a way that video ads can be less interruptive and better integrated into the general user experience without sacrificing viewability. Brands should work with their agencies to make sure their video ads is deployed with the most effective formats.

Source: AdWeek