Yahoo Expands eSports Content With Mobile App

What Happened
Last month, Yahoo launched a dedicated eSports site to capitalize on the booming popularity of competitive gaming, Now, the company is expanding the content vertical to mobile with an Android app. In addition to the eSports coverage, stats, and commentary featured on its desktop site, the app will also use push notifications to deliver customizable alerts for breaking news in competitive gaming, tournament analysis, and the latest reports about your favorite teams or games.

What Brands Need To Do
With top eSports tournaments now drawing audiences that rival the biggest traditional sports events and popular live-streams routinely attracting more than 100,000 viewers, brands such as Coke, Intel, and Nissan have been sponsoring tournaments to get their names in front of the massive eSports audience. Now with Yahoo expanding its eSports site to mobile, brands will have one more mobile platform to reach video game fans, made up largely of the coveted demographic of young Millennial guys.

Source: TechCrunch