Facebook To Sunset Desktop-Based Ad Retargeting Platform

What Happened
Facebook has decided it is time to shut down its desktop-based ad platform Facebook Exchange and move advertisers to its mobile-first advertising products. Facebook Exchange was launched in 2012 to enable brands to retarget Facebook users based on their website viewing habits, and it had a good run in the first few years. But now that the majority of Facebook users are accessing its service on mobile devices, Facebook Exchange no longer holds the prominence it once had. Facebook says it is aiming to fully migrate clients and ad tech partners to newer products by November 1st.

What Brands Need To Do
Facebook reported that users spent fifty minutes on average each day across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger platforms, and about half of them only use Facebook on their smartphones. Given the immense command Facebook has over online advertising with its 1.65 billion monthly active users, brands would be smart to follow its lead and transition their social marketing efforts onto mobile-first products.


Source: AdWeek