How Swarm And T-Mobile Aim To Revolutionize Reward Programs

What Happened
Swarm, the check-in app spun off from Foursquare, is adding a rewards layer. The two-year-old app introduced a Perks feature on Tuesday which allows businesses to offer discounts or other value offers to Swarm users. By leveraging existing discount networks, Swarm Perks will offer rewards from over 60 national chains, which consumers can use immediately in stores once they claim them in Swarm. The program also adds a Challenge feature which prompts users to enter sweepstakes for bigger prizes such as cruises or concert tickets

In a similar fashion, T-Mobile is also looking to leverage real-life rewards to make its customers happier. As part of its “Uncarrier” campaign, the telecom company is launching an initiative called T-Mobile Tuesdays, which allows T-Mobile users to redeem a free reward every week. This week, for example, T-mobile customers will have the chance to get free tickets to see the new “Warcraft” movie. In coming weeks, they will be able to get a free takeout pizza from Domino’s, a Frosty dessert from Wendy’s, and a movie rental from Vudu. T-Mobile also scored a number of big corporate partners for this reward program, including Condé Nast, the MLB, MGM Resorts International, Samsung, and Shell.

What Brands Need To Do
By putting these two new reward programs side by side, it is clear that they both differ from traditional reward programs as they are designed to simplify the process and offer customers a more direct and seamless user experience to claim rewards. No more clipping coupons for later use – just grab the discounts as you’re checking in on Swarm. As for T-Mobile, giving away free stuff on a weekly basis is a straight-forward way to reward your customers and drum up some good press. After all, people love free stuff – just look at how the new Chick-fil-A app shot to the top of the chart in the App Store by promising users a free chicken sandwich.  

For brands, these two mobile-first reward programs open up new opportunities to reach customers with special offers and, in Swarm’s case, at a hyperlocal level. Therefore, brands should consider teaming up with Swarm and T-Mobile to leverage the reach of their reward programs to attract new customers and amplify their promotional efforts.


Sources: TechCrunch & AdAge