Facebook Live Adds New Features, Readies For Ads

What Happened
Facebook continues to make a strong push for its live-streaming product as the company unveiled some upcoming features of Live at the 2016 VidCon on Thursday. Soon, users will be able to add another broadcaster to a live video, pre-schedule a live broadcast to enable Facebook to send viewers notifications, and create a virtual waiting room for viewers before the broadcasts commence. Moreover, the social network is also getting ready to test different monetization models for Facebook Live over the next couple months according to Fidji Simo, head of Facebook’s video product, who indicated that in-stream ads are part of the plan.

What Brands Need To Do
The new features should be helpful for content creators and brands to spice up their broadcasts with celebrity guests and cameos and amass an audience for their live videos before they start. Some early-adopting brands, such as Birchbox and GE, are already using Facebook Live to build relationships with customers and convert interested social followers into customers. The confirmation that Facebook is getting ready to introduce ads to Live videos should also come as a promising sign for bringing brand marketers more opportunities to reach the massive audience that Facebook Live captures.


Source: TechCrunch & Marketing Land