Twitter Introduces Stickers To Make Photos Searchable

What Happened
Twitter announced on Monday that the newest addition to its service will be stickers that users can add to their photos in tweets. Similar to the way stickers work on Snapchat, users on desktop and mobile devices will be able to add an unlimited number of resizable stickers to their photos to add some flair. Twitter is planning to roll out this new feature over the next few weeks, and those stickers will be searchable just like its hashtags.

Twitter stickers

Why Brands Should Care
This addition came on the heels of Twitter allowing marketers to target ads based on emojis that users include in tweets. Since the stickers will be searchable, it seems quite likely that brand marketers will soon be allowed to target by stickers as well. Moreover, this new feature opens the door for branded stickers that marketers can use to drive engagement, similar to Twitter’s branded emoji product. For now, however, the stickers simply offer brands a new way to jazz up their photos on Twitter and make them more discoverable through organic search.


Source: AdWeek

Images courtesy of @Twitter