Patrón Develops Alexa Skill To Dispense Cocktail Recipes

What Happened
Patrón is turning Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa into a digital bartender. As part of its Patrón Cocktail Lab initiative, the tequila brand worked with Razorfish to develop an Alexa skill that allows users to ask for cocktail recipes based on flavor or occasion via voice command. Users can also ask for some interesting tidbits about tequila. The skill currently covers over 168 different recipes and Patrón says it plans to add new content every month.  

What Brands Need To Do
With this Alexa skill, Patrón stays ahead of the digital curve by dipping a toe into the voice-based conversational interface. Using Alexa-enabled devices to distribute branded content gives Patrón a way into consumers’ homes. For more information on how brands can develop authentic brand voices and navigate the new interface, check out the Conversational Interfaces section in our Outlook 2016.

The Lab has extensive experience with building Alexa skills and helping brands navigate the new realities that conversational interfaces are set to bring. If you’re interested in learning more about our take on this topic, please reach out and schedule a visit to the Lab.


Source: Digiday