Hyundai Develops Alexa Skill For Remote Car Control

What Happened
Hyundai has become the first auto brand to bring Alexa integration into cars as it launches a new Alexa skill to remotely control a variety of car functions on its Genesis models. Available on the Genesis G80 now and soon on the G90 models, the integration allows car owners to speak their commands to Alexa-enabled devices at home to perform tasks such as lock and unlock the car, set the AC temperature, or even honk the horn.

In related news, the automaker is partnering with Amazon for an on-demand test drive program. During this weekend and next, Prime members in Los Angeles and Orange County can request a 2017 Hyundai Elantra be delivered to their door for a test drive.

Why Brands Should Care
With this Alexa integration, Hyundai has found a way to plug their connected cars into the smart home space and open up new possibilities for them to connect with customers at home. Similarly, Volkswagen struck a partnership with LG earlier this summer to connect its vehicles to smart home devices and other gadgets. As automakers experiment with smart home device connectivity to expand the reach of their services, other brands should take note and start exploring this space to reach customers at home as well.

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Source: AdAge