Amazon Pushes Alexa To More Devices, Tests Notifications

What Happened
Amazon is integrating its digital assistant service Alexa into more devices, including its new Fire HD 8 tablets and third-party devices such as LG’s SmartThinQ Hub. Users of Amazon’s Fire TV devices can now also use Alexa for universal search across various streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO GO, and Amazon Prime Video. In addition, The Information reports that Amazon is looking to add spoken notifications to Alexa, allowing it to speak up unprompted for helpful reminders and alerts.

What Brands Need To Do
As Amazon continues to improve Alexa’s functionality and expand it to more devices to reach a bigger audience, it is quickly establishing itself as a leader in the digital assistant market. The type of hands-free, voice-based interactions that Alexa enables are set to drastically change how consumers get information and interact with brands. For additional information on how brands can effectively reach consumers on conversational interfaces, please check out the first section of our Outlook 2016. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out and schedule a visit to the Lab.


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