Why Lush Cosmetics Wants To Launch Its Own Video Channel

What Happened
Lush Cosmetics has big plans for its branded content. The U.K.-based cosmetics brand hosted a two-day creative showcase last week that featured a number of new product launches. Unlike previous showcases, this time Lush employed seven film crews to capture the chat show-style event and turn them into video content for Lush’s new app and online player. The brand is also planning to launch its very own 24/7 video channel in “early 2017” as a hub for its branded video content.

What Brands Should Do
As digital video consumption continues to increase, brands need to seize the opportunity to develop interesting and engaging branded video content that can capture consumer attention. One noteworthy strategy in Lush’s aggressive plan for branded video is diversifying its content beyond product demos and makeup tutorials to include relevant topics that its customers care about, such as animal testing. With more and more consumers opting for time-shifted viewing enabled by streaming services, it should also aid content discovery if brands have the resources to create their own channels or apps on OTT platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon TV to reach more viewers.

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Source: Digiday

Header image courtesy of Lush Cosmetics’ livestream