How To Use Twitter’s New Character Limit Rule For Promoted Tweets

What Happened
On Monday, Twitter rolled out new rules for its infamous 140-character limit. Now, photos, videos, polls, and quoted tweets no longer count toward the limit, although usernames in replies, links, and hashtags still do. However, the relaxed character limit does not seem to apply to Promoted Tweets created using Twitter’s ad dashboard. Brands can get around this inconvenience by creating a regular tweet first before running it as a Promoted Tweet ad.

What Brands Should Do
Twitter has been making its platform more brand-friendly, adding new customer service tools and delivering a smooth, ad-supported NFL livestream last week. Relaxing its character limit enables brands to include more photos, videos, and polls in their tweets without sacrificing space for text, allowing them to pack more rich media content into their tweets to engage with users.


Source: Marketing Land