Ford Buys Pre-Roll Spots On CW Network’s Twitter Videos

What Happened
Ford is teaming up with the CW network to target young Millennial audiences on Twitter. The automaker is committing to pre-roll ad spots on select videos posted by CW’s official Twitter account in a first-ever Twitter Amplify upfront deal. CW is creating a variety of social video content such as weekly recaps, episode highlights, and sneak peeks, which will run with Ford ads. Twitter will also promote the videos in front of targeted users based on its data.

What Brands Should Do
This partnership deal shows that Ford is eager to reach fans of CW shows who are not necessarily watching the shows on linear TV. A media trial we recently conducted found that social videos generate better recall than standard pre-roll ads because of the feed environment. Brands looking to reach an audience on digital channels should consider social video ads and make use of the targeting capabilities they offer.


Source: AdWeek