How Dunkin’ Donuts Is Using Salesforce To Improve Loyalty Program

What Happened
Dunkin’ Donuts is using personalized messages powered by the Salesforce Customer Success Platform to encourage customer engagement and loyalty. Using Salesforce’s platform, the quick-service restaurant chain is able to gather behavioral data, track customer journeys, and send members of its loyalty program personalized messages such as promotional offers on products they may like. Dunkin’ Donuts says the platform has helped it onboard 1.5 million customers to its loyalty program so far.

What Brands Should Do
By leveraging Salesforce’s cloud-based marketing service, Dunkin’ Donuts is able to take an effective one-on-one approach in its customer outreach and convert them into loyalty program members. More brands can benefit from this approach to stay connected with customers and further engage them via personalized messages

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Source: Yahoo Finance