Snapchat Revamps Stories Layout And Adds More Mid-Roll And Post-Roll Ads

What Happened
Following its decision to open up its ad API for programmatic ads last week, Snapchat has rolled out some changes to its app. The layout of its Stories section has been revamped to put updates from friends first, followed by the Discover and subscription sections. This change prioritizes user-generated content over content from publishers and brands. Moreover, Snapchat is also ditching its Auto Advance feature in favor of a Playlist mode, which allows users to select the snaps they would like to see. The company also says it is adding more mid- and post-roll ads to its content. The ads will appear in between snaps in Playlist mode as they did with Auto Advance.

What Brands Need To Do
With over 150 million daily active users, surpassing Twitter’s 140 million, Snapchat is reportedly planning for an IPO. The updates could help users manage the content overload on the ever-growing platform and provide brands with more options in terms of where they would prefer to surface their video ads. As Snapchat continues to improve its ad products to match its rapid growth, brands need to consider getting on Snapchat to reach its young-skewing users.


Source: AdWeek