Pinterest Ramps Up Content Advertising Products To Court Brands

What Happened
Pinterest is launching a “creative ecosystem” called Pin Collective to connect brand marketers with top content creators on its platform. Brands of all sizes and budgets can leverage this new tool to produce content that is optimized for Pinterest’s unique format and user behavior.

In addition, the social scrapbooking site is reportedly testing a new “Explore” media channel for publishers and brands to reach users with videos and multimedia posts. Similar to the way  publishers currently distribute their content and ads on Snapchat’s Discover channels (which is about to change), this new media channel on Pinterest will allow brands to put ads against publisher content.

What Brands Should Do
Last week, Pinterest announced that it has reached 150 million monthly active users, up 50% from last year thanks partly to a substantial increase in male signups. While its user base still lags behind the biggest social platforms, its unique visual aesthetic has proven popular with certain consumer segments such as fashion lovers and home decor enthusiasts. The two content marketing initiatives should give brands new channels to reach their desired audiences, and brands with an overlap between their customers and Pinterest users should give them a try.


Source: Pinterest Business blog & AdAge
Header image is a promotional image courtesy of Pinterest Business blog