Lowe’s To Host Facebook Live Event To Promote Black Friday Deals

What Happened
Lowe’s is set to reveal eleven Black Friday deals during an upcoming Facebook Live event on Saturday. The home improvement retailer has been running video ads on the social platform for the last two weeks to push the 20-minute livestream event named “Mystery Box Bonanza.” This is not the first time Lowe’s has run a social video campaign on Facebook as the brand tested Facebook 360-degree video in July to teach viewers DIY home improvement skills and drive sales.

What Brands Should Do
This campaign marks the latest example of brands using live video to promote their products and drive sales. Brands such as Birchbox, Popeyes, McDonald’s, and GE have experimented with Facebook Live to reach customers while brands like Carl’s Jr, Coca-Cola, and Geico have sponsored livestreams on eSports sites. All these examples listed showcase the versatility of marketing opportunities that live streaming offers, which brands should leverage to connect with their audiences in innovative, exciting ways.


Source: AdWeek