Moët Champagne To Sponsor Vogue’s 360-Degree Livestream Of The Met Gala

What Happened
The Met Gala, one of the biggest annual events in the fashion industry, is scheduled for next Monday, and Vogue magazine will be hosting a 360-degree livestream on Facebook this year to offer all fashion enthusiasts a front-row view of the red carpet. This will be the first 360-degree broadcast of the Met Gala, and it will be exclusively sponsored by champagne brand Moët & Chandon. During the broadcast, Moët-branded bubbles will appear periodically as interstitial ads between footage.

What Brands Need To Do
Live streaming has been quickly gaining momentum across social platforms, especially on Facebook. Earlier this month, Facebook reported that one in five videos shared on its network is now a Live video, with the daily watch time for Live broadcasting quadrupled in the past year. The rise of live streaming gives marketers a valuable channel to engage with viewers in real time, with brands such as Bud Light and Tiffany’s successfully leveraging live streaming to congregate an online fan base and spread their brand messages. More brands should start exploring live videos by finding the on-brand events to sponsor, as Moët did here, or simply hosting your own live events, as Popeyes has done recently.


Source: AdWeek