Packaging ROI insight for DOOH

(iStock)It can be scary for marketers to put the first foot down in the vast landscape of Digital Out-of-Home Ad Networks. Helping brands make large strides in the space is Adcentricity, an aggregator of DOOH Networks, that adds a level of human know-how to strategic campaigns. Now, the company has developed a new offering called “Research Lite” that will allow brands to measure their success more effectively.

Adcentricity’s timing couldn’t be better. Brands are increasingly turning traditional advertising models on their heads requiring agencies to provide proof of performance.“Research Lite” can help meet these expectations by offering a prepackaged research component that can be added to DOOH Network campaigns. The research provides a detailed, quick snapshot of how effective a brand’s plan is across multiple networks. Select networks provide proof of play and efficacy on their network, but as CEO, Rob Gorrie told me, “(Adcentricity implements) research for the campaign’s needs, not of the networks needs.” Research Lite provides an opportunity for a third party perspective to analyze the bigger picture. Continue reading “Packaging ROI insight for DOOH”