Amazon Quietly Leading Branding Charge

According to a report by Adage, Amazon’s ad business is significantly larger than is generally assumed, and with mobile platforms like the Kindle available for expansion, Amazon is a now a prime candidate for big branding business. Indeed, with clients like Lexus and Chrysler exploiting these mobile opportunities, as well as Amazon’s in-house targeting technology that reaches Amazon customers around the web segmented by demographics and purchase history, the secret may be out. Amazon is said to have built it’s own demand-side platform that allows them to load customer data into a media-buying technology to target prior Amazon buyers on other websites, so their tracking and targeting systems have the potential to powerfully sway viewers based on demonstrated interests. Another big step forward for Amazon’s ad strategy was the announcement of the “Amazon Media Network,” which is Amazon’s media and advertising wing. Their success, in combination with these new technologies, now reportedly means that they can ask for over $1 million for ad packages that include Kindle Fire accessibility. In order for the technology and business to develop further, Amazon will have to deepen its agency relationships and branding business, and return good numbers via its technologies in metrics like “brand lift” and awareness. If it can achieve these metrics, Amazon’s secret might not be under wraps for that much longer.