IPG Media Lab Leads Interpublic’s Investment In Samba TV

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Led by IPG Media Lab’s advisement, Interpublic Group (IPG) is taking a minority stake in Samba TV, a startup that specializes in advanced TV analytics. Following the announcement this morning, IPG looks to leverage Samba TV’s technology into actionable insights from audience behaviors, thereby developing more effective strategies for clients. “We’re always looking to fill the hole and find new opportunities to measure what was previously unmeasurable,” said Chad Stoller, a managing partner of the Lab.

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Header image courtesy of Samba TV’s Twitter

Twitter Launches New Analytics Dashboard

Twitter has launched some brand new analytics to help digital advertisers and marketers alike to gain better insights on their tweeting efforts. For years, Twitter has been lagging behind Facebook in terms of providing a built-in native analytic platform that goes beyond simple favorites and retweets. Now available to Twitter advertisers, Twitter Card publishers, and certified users, this much-needed new dashboard features an impression count, i.e. how many people have seen your each individual tweet. Meanwhile, all click-throughs to profile pages, clicks on hashtags, retweets, replies, and link clicks are counted to generate an “Engagement Figure” for each tweet. Overall, this comes off as a move in the right direction for Twitter to offer a more detailed measurement tool to compete with other social media for the attention of brands and marketers.

MRC Lifts Advisory on Viewable Impressions

The MRC has lifted its advisory on viewable impressions, encouraging the industry to transact based on the metric. A recent blog from the IAB has also officially announced the standard for viewable impressions – 50% of pixels in view for at least 1 sec. While it still does not guarantee ad exposure, it does revalue inventory below the fold and makes us consider new proxies for attention. Viewability has been around for quite some time, but the lack of standards would lead to quite a bit of chaos when it came to transacting with the data. The IAB anticipates viewable video to come by this summer but viewability is just the start. I’d imagine we can expect viewability to be calculated based on total time and perhaps priced on a sliding scale in the future.

Parse.ly Does Intelligent Tagging

Web analytics startup Parse.ly does natural language processing to enhance the effectiveness of digital media publications.  It extracts semantic data and compares it to standing data pools to determine the relevance of materials based on real-time traffic, historical performance, and social interactions.  This technology extracts categories and tags from full page text, enabling intelligent relationship-generation.  While this technology is presently designed to work for digital media publications, its API could lead to more creative uses, including advertising opportunities and intelligent product tie-ins.

HelloInsights Becomes Pinterest Marketing Agency HelloSociety

Last November, L.A. startup Science Inc founded HelloInsights, a Pinterest-specific marketing analytics service. Five months later it’s called HelloSociety, and is a full-service marketing firm dedicated to generating client revenue on Pinterest – a figure that the agency says already hovers around $30 million. HelloSociety is now comprised of a five-part product suite, which includes HelloPartners, a public-relations based service, HelloBuzz, a Pinterest contest platform, HelloCreative, a toolset for pin creation, and HelloManager, which manages the accounts. To date, there have been 3 million signups with campaigns involving companies such as Jack Threads, HauteLook, and Homes.com, and – according to the company, 700 of these campaigns have been successful, arguably proving what a powerful tool Pinterest can be if used correctly. 

Chartbeat’s Findings Shake Up The World Of Display

Chartbeat is now providing data to publishers and marketers that may radically change how we value display ads. Measuring the amount of engaged time spent on a website is proving that ads below the fold actually increases brand recall more than the top of the page. The moral of the story is that content is still a valuable consideration in an audience-centric marketplace. 

Nielsen And Twitter Create Social TV Rating

Nielsen has announced a new analytics platform measuring social engagement for TV programs based on Twitter activity. Specifically, the metrics will provide impressions and reach for shows based on tweets, retweets, and replies containing keywords related to the specific program.

The new measurement represents a shift in TV viewing as audience attention often spans multiple screens, particularly on mobile. While companies like Trendrr TV and Bluefin have established social metrics, Nielsen is easily the biggest entrant into the space. Look for their metrics to inform social TV campaigns and second screen programs for today’s leading brands.

GazeMetrix Image Analytics

If you’re wondering who’s posting pictures of your brand on Instagram, check out Gazemetrix.  The startup from UberLabs uses image recognition technology to track your brand presence and provide extensive analytics. You can compare your performance with competitors over time and across geographies and see your most popular photos. According to the company’s initial research, Starbucks leads all brands in volume of logos displayed, with Coca Cola and BMW also leading the charge.