Half Of App Store Revenue Goes To Top 25 Developers

Apple App Store and Google Play store often boast about their selection of more than 600,000 apps but it turns out only a fraction of those generate significant revenue. In fact, about half of total app store revenue lies with the top 25, all of which are gaming apps with the exception of Pandora. While paid apps and in-app purchases are on the rise, some apps are clearly more sticky than others.

Japan Outpaces U.S. In Android App Revenue For First Time

Revenues from the Google Play store in Japan have grown by a factor of 4.5, besting U.S. totals for the first time. Android is dominating the Japanese market and apps are proving more lucrative for developers as well, particularly with the growth of in-app purchases and advertising. As the President of Kontagent points out, Android may monetize less well than iOS, but user acquisition costs are lower.