Apple Launches App To Help Businesses Create Indoor Maps

What Happened
On Sunday Apple quietly launched a dedicated indoor mapping app on iOS named Indoor Survey, which uses radio signals and WiFi to locate users and allow business owners to map out their venues using nothing but iPhones. This first-party app marks Apple’s latest effort in indoor mapping, after introducing iBeacons in 2013 and launching Apple Maps Connect last year, an initiative that invites businesses to verify and submit their indoor mapping information.

What Brands Need To Do
Unlike the Apple Maps Connect program, which is only open to businesses with over a million yearly visitors, this new Indoor Survey app bares no such restriction. With Apple slowly but surely opening up the iOS ecosystem to ecommerce, businesses that operate sizeable retail stores or event venues would be smart to try out this new indoor mapping tool from Apple and prepare for the Cupertino company to expand its mapping efforts into more granular, localized areas.


Source: The Verge