All You Need To Know About The New MacBook and Apple Watch

The public has been patiently waiting for what’s next from Apple, with rumors circling about the Apple Watch and debates swirling about what else the company would debut at the March 9th Apple Live Event.

The most surprising announcement was undoubtedly the new 12” MacBook with Retina Display. At just 13.1 mm at its thickest point and weighing two pounds, it’s the thinnest and lightest MacBook the company has ever made. In order to streamline the laptop, Apple developed innovative features such as a more accurate “butterfly mechanism” for its keyboard and removed a the fan and venting system entirely. (And using just five watts of power, it’s also one of Apple’s most environmentally friendly models.) Interestingly, the trackpad uses the Taptic engine to provide haptic feedback, which was first teased on the Apple Watch. The new MacBook will be available on April 10th and cost between $1299-$1599.

Apple also announced several key details about their first foray into the wearable industry. The Apple Watch will be available in three different styles: Apple Watch ($549-$1099), Apple Watch Sport ($349-$399), and Apple Watch Edition ($10,000). Haptic feedback will be used in several novel ways, such as feeling a vibration when an Apple Pay transaction has been completed. Users will also be able to connect with other Watch wearers by sending drawings and even heart beats. In addition, the watch will serve as a health device, monitoring activity and notifying the person if they’ve been sitting too long. Together, these features make the Watch one of the most personal devices available, and we look forward to seeing how Watches will be adapted when they’re finally on the market April 24th.

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